Frequently Asked Questions

What pages come in a standard website? (some adjustments can be made)

What We only allow 6-7 pages (Additional page is subject to an extra charge)

* Homepage 
* About Us
* Gallery
* Parent portal
* Staff Portal
* Virtual Tour Page
* Contact Us

What platform do you use for Websites/CMS?

1. We offer WordPress based websites.

Do we get creative options for designs? 

2. Clients will receive 1 or 2 web template mock up designs to choose from based on their chosen color palette, before we proceed on putting all the information so it’s important that you take your time deciding on what template you’d like.

* If you do not like one of the mock ups we provided please feel free to let us know on any revisions or changes we can do or you can also send us a link on other website pages you’d like to get inspiration from

Are There Limits To Revisions? 

* Do your best to decide your branding design choices before template approval, color choices matter!

* If you wish to change website template after approval that will be an extra $100 (This may also include an additional $99 developers fee)

How Can I Get The Best Results From My Website? 

* Your Involvement in the creation process is expected to get the best result that you wanted. We won’t understand your complete vision without input. This will prevent rework and save us both our time.

3. Please allow us 48-72 hours (excluding saturday and sunday) to make sample templates after making the payment.

 Do you give refunds?

4. The payment is non-refundable after 24 hours of payment  and you are not entitled to any additional discount. 

Do you require a down payment for work ?

5. We require a partal upfront payment to start work on any package.

Do I Own My Website?

6. Once a project is completed and paid. The website and all materials is the property of the client & we do not retain any rights.

When Must I Pay For Hosting and How Often?

7. Client is responsible for renewing domains and hosting after the first year promotion. ($399+ website packages has 1 free year of hosting)

After the first year its $99/Yearly hosting
$20/domain yearly

What if I need extra website pages or addons? 

8. Larger complex sites & sites that have private user logins are subject to an additional charge.

What are some additonal notes that involve my site?

9. Please do your best to fill our your questionnaire in a timely manner.

10. There will be a weekly $50 late fee charge if you fail to complete your questionnaire after 4 weeks (No exceptions, our time is reserved already)

* Failure to pay your outstanding balance a week after completion will also result a late charge of $50/week*

*Renewals must be paid in advance  by the renewal date 12:00 midnight our system will automatically place sites in the suspension queue if unpaid by this time* 

Does Classroom Panda Offer Site Security ? 
11. We offer limited site assistance though MainWP our WordPress Management System (ie. plugin updates, security and uptime monitor) We do servers side site security but the client is also responsible to protect from malware and other security threats. there are many anti-malware and snti spam services avaliable though the client portal if eneded. (Always keep your login information/passwords private)

What If I need to change pictures or information after the site is completed? 

12. If you wish to change pictures or information in the future it will be $25/revision (minor revisions only this doesn’t include the design or rearranging template layout)

13. If client wants website maintenance it will be $49/month no contract needed but need atleast 2 weeks notice for termination

14. Please note your honesty will help us understand your full vision. If you find something you would like to change please feel free to message me

Is there Server Down Time? What If I have Problems Using My Site? 

15. Classroom Panda is not responsible for server downtime, however, we strive to work with our hosting partners to maintain a 99% uptime rate. Reasons for server downtime might include server updates of both software and hardware & acts of God beyond our control. If in the unlikely event your website experiences downtime not related to the server, Classroom Panda is able to offer. Limited technical support. Although, this is not included in your initial purchase, we can offer courtesy support if a site is unresponsive due to a plugin or module. WordPress is considered one of the most used Website Development platforms. Last records show that over 19 million people use WordPress to power their websites. (Approximately 39% of the entire Webs active sites) It is considered one of the fastest growing CMS (meaning content management systems) WordPress also powers 14.7 of the top 100 websites in the world. That being said, Classroom Panda is expressively not responsible for any loss of wages or income due to unforeseen downtime of your websites due human error of any kind, server or 3rd party plugin. If you believe that you will require ongoing maintenance assistance from Classroom Panda for both updating content and assisting with site upkeep Classroom Panda offers a standard $49 month package that you may purchase at any time through our website. If at any time you do not agree with these terms and conditions please let this serve as notice that Classroom Panda does not host anyone on their servers not willing to abide by these terms. In this event you would be advised to transfer your site within 48 hours to a number other of reputable host such as Hostgator and BlueHost (be advised: their terms are very similar) . 

What are you Privacy Policy Terms? 
16. Classroom Panda takes client privacy seriously. We do not sell any personal information to 3rd party services. All data used is strictly used to assist in marketing efforts, customer quality assurance and to help improve technical capabilities (for example usage statistics of servers and portals) Please Read Our Privacy Policy Section

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